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I have always enjoyed the great detail I can achieve from the pen & ink technique...

This is Ruby, our first "Red" Golden Retriever. She keeps Skyler on her toes and have become best buddies.

Mesa (top) and Skyler. Sadly, we lost Mesa in July 2019.

Bryce (top) and Abbey greeted many dog lovers at past shows. They now run freely over the rainbow bridge...

Thanks for stopping by my web site. On this page I'd like to tell you a little about my background and myself. It's not too detailed so don't get too comfortable!

I have been drawing for most of my life. I remember as a youngster, I would ask my mom if I could stay up past my bedtime to draw a little more. She always encouraged me and gave me that extra time to be creative. In those early days, I enjoyed using colored pencils to create highly detailed drawings.

My first exposure to Pen and Ink came in high school. My art teacher said, "today, we will do a drawing in Pen and Ink." Had I been absent that day, I may never have gone in that direction and I might have become a plumber (not that plumbing isn't a fine profession). At any rate, I enjoyed the experience and continued experimenting with the medium.

College was a different story though. In some fine art classes I attended, the professors didn't appreciate the finer points of Pen and Ink, and discouraged fine detail as a means of artistic expression. While I went along with their philosophy in the interest of a decent grade, I held out hope that there would be a place for my favorite medium down the road.

In my third year of college, I was coaxed in the direction of the Graphic Design curriculum. For those of you unfamiliar with this type of art, Graphic Design is used in the creation of brochures, magazines, posters, packaging, advertising, even television graphics. It is a large field and can be applied to virtually anything visual.

I enjoyed the challenge of working with the various elements available in creating a design. However, when I tried to incorporate my love of Pen and Ink, I was again discouraged. My professor stated "Pen and Ink is too time consuming and there is no place for it in the fast paced world of advertising." While I didn't completely accept this belief, it did encourage me to try other mediums, which broadened my knowledge of art techniques.

After graduating from college with a Bachelor Degree in Design, I continued refining my Pen and Ink technique. To gauge how I was advancing, I decided to display my work at a local art show. It wasn't a financial success, but I did receive enough praise to push me to create more drawings and send me to succeeding shows. To make an already too long story shorter, I kept improving my style and presentation to be where I am today: A Success (well, at least to my mom!).

Currently, I try to add a new series of drawings every year to my collection. Aside from the enjoyment I get from creating my art, my biggest delight comes from all the people I meet at the art shows. I exhibit at about fifteen shows every year around Buffalo and Rochester, New York and thoroughly appreciate the support I receive. I hope to make many new friends through this web site. Please drop me an e-mail when you have a chance.

I guess that's about all I have to say about myself. I hope you enjoy my web site, and perhaps I will see you in the future.

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